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Our Producers Are Local.

We Build Relationships With Local Livestock Producers.

At West River Meats, we take great pride in the products we process for our customers.  It takes great producers to to be able to provide our customers with exceptional proteins for their freezer and table.

The producers we use are meticulously researched to ensure the livestock is the best quality available.

We put extra emphasis on humane treatment, minimal pharmaceutical use, and open air raised beef and pork.

Our producers are not the giant feedlots concerned about cranking out numbers.  Our producers are the men, women, and children that care for their stock day in and day out, and take pride in the result.  Our producers are providing you with the same quality beef and pork that they feed their own families.  

Family owned and operated livestock operations such as Kollasch Family Farms, Clough Farms (Randy and Will), Tucker Farms, Ludwig Farms (Mike and Maci), Krischel Farms, Roethler Farms and more, are the reason we have such a great return customer rate.

We openly welcome other producers to discuss with us becoming a supplier.  We do have some guidelines that must be adhered to; but we welcome all interested parties to contact us. 

THANK YOU to those who make us what we are!!  We truly appreciate the quality of your stock and the time and effort you put forth to make our job so easy!